Our Curriculum Journey

You may or may not be aware, there is a current education reform taking place in Wales. The final version of the Welsh Government guidance is now available, and schools are now busy designing and planning their new authentic curriculum. curriculum-for-wales-guidance-120320
The aim is to create a local curriculum that provides access to experiences, knowledge and skills that our children will need for future employment, lifelong learning and being a good citizen.
As a school, we value our stakeholders highly and would appreciate your input in designing and developing your child’s curriculum. Pre COVID we would have had parental workshops but unfortunately this can’t happen. We still, highly, value your input and therefore over the next few months you will receive questionnaires asking for your input. This is your chance to help shape and create your child’s education. Whilst answering the questions, please have one over-riding question in the back of your mind.

What do you want our school to do for your children?

This is an exciting journey that we will make together.

Please spare one minute to watch the clip blow and understand what is about to happen, in education, in Wales.