Jumpers retail at £8.00 and cardigans at £10.00.

Central Primary Uniform Policy

We have a beautifully bright and colourful uniform which our whole school community voted for. Our uniform plays a vital role in uniting us all, regardless of which site we are situated on. We are very proud of our ‘child designed’ logo which represents our school community coming together as one.

There are many good reasons why our children wear uniform:

  • It is cheaper and hard wearing, saving parents money.
  • It saves their other clothes from glue, paint, mud and many other stains they may encounter through their learning.
  • They can keep their more expensive clothes for ‘best’.
  • Our children all look very smart and it instils a sense of belonging.
  • It helps to improve behaviour.
  • It saves arguments about what to wear in the mornings.

Our Governors decided upon the following uniform policy:

Central Primary Uniform:

  • Royal blue jumper or cardigan with logo (NO HOODIES)
  • White polo shirt (logo optional)
  • Royal blue polo shirts are optional during the summer term (requested by parental voice)
  • Grey trousers, grey skirt or grey pinafore dress
  • Black sensible shoes
  • ​In the summer months, blue and white gingham dresses or grey shorts are optional.

Please Note: All items of school uniform and dress code apply equally to children of either sex. Any item that can be worn by a boy can also be worn by a girl, and vice versa. Clothing requirements are based on sex only where this is needed for health, safety and dignity, such as athletic protectors for boys and appropriate coverage of swimwear for girls.

On health and safety grounds, the wearing jewellery in our school is prohibited. The exceptions to this are small earring studs in pierced ears, an appropriate watch and small objects of religious significance. We ask the children to either remove these objects during PE. and games, or cover them with a plaster, to prevent them from causing injury. Pupils with pierced ears may wear ONE pair of small, simple stud earrings. Pupils MUST be able to remove these by themselves so that they can take part in PE.

Pupils planning to have their ears pierced should do so in the first week of the summer holidays in order that they can heal before they return to school.

Fake nails are NOT permitted. Parents will be contacted to arrange the appropriate removal of fake nails.

Parents may choose any uniform suppliers they wish. Our official supplier is Bergoni and orders may be placed directly with them at www.bergoni.co.uk

We are proud to operate an ‘upcycle’ scheme for school uniform. We have a variety of new and used uniform items in good condition, which are then made available to other families. Our Governors help to operate our ‘upcycle shop’ and fully support this scheme.