Big Bocs Bwyd

Click on the image below to watch the arrival of Big Bocs Bwyd at Central.

What is Big Bocs Bwyd?

The Big Bocs Bwyd is a Welsh Government project that has been introduced to help poverty in local communities, reduce food waste and to provide hands on learning opportunities for pupils. The Big Bocs Bwyd works on a ‘pay as you can’ basis and therefore, customers only need to make a small donation of what they can afford, to buy the products they need. The food and toiletries provided will be donated from supermarkets which helps them reduce the amount of food waste they produce. 

Vision and Values

Big Bocs Bwyd’s aim is to ensure that no child is hungry and that every child is able to learn how to make good food choices that enable them to thrive.

Children and families will be provided with food at ‘pay as you feel’ prices and supported with authentic learning experiences through growing and cooking food.

The installation of a Big Bocs Bwyd at Central will be explicitly linked to the 4 purposes of the Curriculum for Wales, ensuring that children are:

•Healthy, confident individuals

•Ambitious, capable learners

•Ethical, informed citizens

•Enterprising, creative contributors

​Every child will become food literate by growing, cooking and learning about food.

For more information please visit the ‘Big Bocs Bwyd’ website