Jumpers retail at £8.00 and cardigans at £10.00.

We have a beautifully bright and colourful uniform which our whole school community voted for when we amalgamated in September 2015. Our uniform plays a vital role in uniting us all, regardless of which site we are situated on. We are very proud of our ‘child designed’ logo which represents our school community coming together as one.

There are many good reasons why our children wear uniform:

  • It is cheap and hard wearing.
  • It saves their other clothes from glue, paint, mud and many other stains they may encounter through their learning.
  • They can keep their more expensive clothes for ‘best’.
  • Our children all look very smart and it instils a sense of belonging.
  • It helps to improve behaviour.
  • It saves arguments about what to wear in the mornings.

Our Governors decided upon the following uniform policy:

  • Royal blue jumper with logo/Royal blue cardigan with logo (NO HOODIES)
  • White polo shirt (Royal blue polo shirts are being trialled during the summer term)
  • Grey trousers/grey skirt/grey pinafore dress
  • Black sensible shoes
  • ​In the summer months, blue and white gingham dresses or grey shorts may be worn.
  • No jewellery (including earrings) is permitted for Health & Safety reasons. *We strongly advise against the wearing of earrings. Children who attend school wearing earrings against school policy will be considered ill-equipped to safely take part in any physical activities whether indoor, or outdoor and other provisions will be put in place to ensure their safety.

We have a small stock of jumpers andcardigans at our Theodore Road site.

Our official supplier is Bergoni and orders may be placed directly with them at www.bergoni.co.uk